We are a software development company focused on our user’s needs.

Who are we?

At Ukko we develop the right system for your business using modern development processes.

These processes help facilitate administrative control, data management, software engineering, platform development, among others.

Our systems developed in the cloud are made up of different languages in order to meet the specific needs of our customers through the development, implementation and ongoing support.

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Our philosophy

We work continuously in anticipation of emerging technological trends.

We aim to achieve the highest quality and functionality in our developments, giving customers and users easy and clear tools to use and make the most our of their systems and businesses.

We are aware of the importance of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises as these are a key link for a country's growth. Hence, our approach also leads to the development of tools that allow these enterprises to grow and strengthen over time.

Our services

We know that acting in time translates into economic savings for your company.

We've divided our services into three broad categories that are made to fit every need our costumers might have.

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Custom Software Development.

We develop tools tailored to the needs of our clients, allowing them to have better control of their operations.

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Software as a Service, SaaS.

We have a wide array of custom products whose main focus is to support different type of industries.

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Digital Transformation.

We analyze the processes in order to obtain a wider vision of possible improvements, providing customized proposals according to the main characteristics of our clients.

Mockup of an iPhone displaying our featured project, Yetto
Mockup of an iPhone displaying our featured project, Yetto

Featured project: Yetto

We took on the challenge to create an app that facilitates task management and time efficency.

Agile software development requires constant, clear and open team communication in order to deliver valuable products to clients. Yetto is an ever-growing full stack project we've developed and mantain to fulfill this and other emergent team's needs.

Full story coming soon.

About our team

We work as a team who constantly questions and challenges itself to overachieve

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